Background, WorkLife and Interests…

My name is Neil Willis: greying hair, 40ish years old, married, expanding waist line, currently living and working  in Tokyo, Japan.

I have been a primary school teacher for nearly fifteen years now. Before that I worked in Japan as an English language teacher which means that I have been in Japan for over ten years now (however, I still can’t speak the language to my eternal shame!). It was during my time as an English language teacher that I caught the teaching bug. It also put me on the path to becoming a Primary School teacher as I soon realised that I much preferred the dynamism and eagerness of younger kids.

I have recently started working in Year Six for a second time (Grade Five in the American system I believe, although I could be wrong). I worked in Year Four for two years before that and was in Year Six for the first time, two years previous to that. I spent three years in Year Three and was a class teacher in Year Five before that. I was in Year Five for a total of five years. I know this sounds a bit cliche but I have thoroughly enjoyed every class I have ever taught. Throughout my many years at BST, not once has it ever been boring!

Once upon a time I was an ardent and enthusiastic sportsman (well at least that is what I would like other people to believe). However, these days most of my spare time (which seems to disappear as one progresses towards into the depths of middle age) revolves around my two children. In all honesty though, I wouldn’t have it any other way! For me, being a father often feels like you have been given the recipe to a very special cake; unfortunately this recipe comes in a language you don’t fully understand so you end up putting it together as best you can.

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