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Hello Reader,

On this page you will find a variety of links to some of the different educational blogs I have set up over my time at BST.

Year Three Class Blog 2013-2014 – This blog was the first educational blog I set up after I first started the COETAIL course. I only began the blog in the summer term. You will also note that I have chosen Google Blogger rather than WordPress. The reason I chose Google Blogger is because I prefer the set-up, look and layout. I also began to see the possibility of using Google Blogger as a template for individual student blogs.   

Summer School Blog 2015 to 2016This blog allowed me to showcase some of the fantastic movies produced by various Year Five and Six children during our first ever summer school.

Year Three Class Blog 2014-2015 – This blog gives you an insight into the teaching and learning journey the Year Three children took part in. I experimented a lot with this particular blog. I used a wide variety of web based and non-web based tools to add video, images and audio to the blog. This seemed to enhance it’s appeal to both students and parents.  

Primary History Blog 2015 and ongoing – This is an ongoing blog which I started towards the end of the 2015 summer term. I had taken on the role of History Coordinator and was looking for a way to record, promote and share the fantastic history learning that was taking place in the primary school. I have also included all the new planning that has been put in place since I took over the role in September 2014. You will also find our history policy, videos of theme days and lessons, photographs of displays and children’s work. 

Year 6 Class Blog 2015 to 2017 – This blog reflected the learning journey of Year Six students in my class for the two years I was in Year Six. It also acted as a portal to some of the students own blogs (this was new to Year Six at that time).

Year Four ClassBlog 2017 to 2018This blog gives you an insight into the teaching and learning journey the Year Four children took part in. I experimented a lot with my teaching and learning during this year. This was one of the most stressful yet profound years of my teaching life. I believe that during this year I truly started to understand what outstanding, relevant and meaningful teaching and learning should look like.

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